Sevenoaks Homeopathy

I'm a registered homeopath with 12 years' experience.

I treat patients, not conditions, and use a holistic approach where body, mind, emotions and energy are integrated, bringing consciousness to the healing process.


In line with my registering body, I support patient choice in healthcare, and informed decision making. This is obtained by asking doctors questions which will help themselves to become better informed about the interventions and drugs they are offering:

- what are the risks / benefits of the treatment offered?

- Is there an alternative to what is being offered?

- What are the adverse reactions / contra-indications as listed by the manufacturer?

- What independent research is available to show effectiveness / risks?

- Which ingredients have been used in the development / manufacture of the product?

Homeopathy is the second most used system of medicine in the world as stated by the WHO, and 200 million people on the planet enjoy its benefits.

HRH Prince Charles has been announced as new patron of the Faculty of Homeopathy
Summer 2019
Homeopathy should be part of an integrated strategy for tackling anti-microbial resistance (AMR). The homeopathic approach is not about killing micro-organisms, it seeks to promote patient resistance to infection, modulate innate immunity, and cultivate a healthy microbiome.'
Dr Peter Fisher, the Queen's homeopath, speaking at the Homeopathy Research Institute Conference in Malta, June 2017.


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