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I am a registered homeopath with 16 years' experience, an intimacy coach for women and a breathwork practitioner.

As a homeopath, I treat individuals, not conditions or named diseases. I use a holistic approach where body, mind, emotions and energy are integrated, bringing consciousness to the healing process.

I work to create a world where our fundamental human right to bodily integrity and to choose the system of medicine that is suitable for us and for our children is respected. 

Conventional (allopathic) medicine and homeopathic medicine should work together to stop the explosion in chronic diseases observed in children and adults in the past 30 years, especially ASD cases.

I am also passionate about women's health and well-being. Most women are aware of the need to sleep, eat and exercise well; we do yoga, learn meditation and mindfulness, but sexual self-care is completely overlooked.

This is the next frontier to explore and the main source of health and empowerment for women. It is also a refreshing educational tool for our teenagers.

As a certified coach, I teach women what self-love and wholeness taste like through a deep dive into and a celebration of all the nuances of their femininity.

These practices are wonderfully empowering when used during life transitions such as the menopause or when you want to start a new relationship after a divorce.They are also essential in the processing and integration of sexual abuse.

As a breathworker, I help you go deep into embodied self-discovery. Even if you have done personal development work before, you will be surprised by what lingers unprocessed in the unconscious and keeps you stuck in old patterns and limiting beliefs.


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