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I am a family homeopath with 17 years' experience, an intimacy coach for women and a breathwork practitioner.

As a homeopath, I work for the long term health of children. Health starts before conception, and the proper management of acute episodes (colds, coughs, ear infections...) during childhood is essential for developing a strong immune system. Homeopathy is the medicine of choice for babies and pregnant women because it does not have any side-effects.

I help women have healthy periods and go through the menopause naturally. There is no need for HRT when you have got homeopathy. The menopause is an empowering gift.

Homeopathy treats individuals, not named diseases. Allopathic (conventional) medicine does not have any understanding of the energetic nature of human beings. I use a holistic approach that integrates body, mind, emotions and energy, to help my patients return to the natural blueprint of health.


Homeopathy is both a science and an art. It is a primary care medicine used by over 100 million people in Europe alone.

As a certified  intimacy coach, I teach sexual self-care to women.

Education about healthy, integrative and regenerative sexuality is very much lacking in our society, and this void has been exploited by pornography and the media.

So let's talk about sex. the unspoken gap in so many relationships.

Perhaps you experience pain during penetration, you have lost touch with your desire and your pleasure since becoming a mother, your long term relationship has turned intimacy into a 'chore', or you have become resigned to feeling shutdown since going through the menopause. 

No woman is broken. I am here to show you that your sexuality is primarily for you, whether you are single or in a relationship. Sexual energy , when freely flowing in your body, feeds your vital energy and becomes a personal source of nourishment, confidence and empowerment. 

You may have read books or magazines on the subject or even attended a workshop. However, information is not going to change your life. You need a personalised programme and consistent, deep work. 

My approach is unique, rooted in neuroscience, embodiment practices and ancient wisdom traditions. The results feel transformational, because they reveal the essence of you, liberated from nervous system imprints and life conditionings.

I am a very experienced coach, and the space I hold for you is safe and filled with peace, with a touch of magic.


Contact me for a free and relaxed 1h chat.

As a breathworker, I help you go deep into embodied self-discovery. Even if you have done personal development work before, you will be surprised by what lingers unprocessed in the unconscious and keeps you stuck in old patterns and limiting beliefs.


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