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I am a family homeopath with 16 years' experience, an intimacy coach for women and a breathwork practitioner.

As a homeopath, I work with mothers and fathers who are interested in the long term health of their offspring. I am easy to reach in-between consultations to reply to questions and provide guidance.

Homeopathy is a primary care medicine used by over 100 million people in Europe alone. It is the favoured form of medicine for babies and pregnant women because it does not create side-effects.


Homeopaths have a unique approach to the art of medicine: we see symptoms as messengers and we work with the body's intelligence and rhythms to restore an internal state of balance and flow. Health is the capacity to adapt to change.

We treat individuals, not named diseases, using a holistic approach which integrates body, mind, emotions and energy.

As a certified coach, I am devoted to women's expression. My approach is unique, rooted in neuro-sciences, embodiment practices, ancient wisdom, curiosity and desire. The results feel transformational, because they are the revelation of the essence of you, liberated from nervous system imprints and life conditionings.

Most women have a blocked and tense pelvis that holds emotions and trauma, and they are unaware of the impact it has on their life.

I don't offer a quick-fix. Working with me takes courage and commitment, because I guide you to face and embrace your shadows instead of 'letting go' of what's unpalatable. Most people these days are chasing states. I like to show how life-changing breakthroughs come through subtle shifts.

The space I hold for you is safe and filled with peace, with a touch of magic. You get to explore all the nuances of your femininity, your inner little girl, your rage, your sadness, the sensual woman in you, your ecstasy. 

I mentor you to be comfortable with all aspects of self-love, because your relationships with others are a reflection of the degree of intimacy you have with yourself. Your experience of reality is transformed as a result.

Imagine receiving my support while going through life transitions such as the menopause or a divorce. 


Or to process sexual abuse. How empowering to find in you the source of your rebirth and growth.

As a breathworker, I help you go deep into embodied self-discovery. Even if you have done personal development work before, you will be surprised by what lingers unprocessed in the unconscious and keeps you stuck in old patterns and limiting beliefs.


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