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How are you breathing?

Check with yourself right now.

Close your eyes, bring your attention into your body.

Where are you breathing? Is your breath flowing, free, easy, pleasurable?


Are you filled with the tingling of energy rushing through your body in a vibrant loop? 

Or do you find it hard even to stop for a few minutes to do this little exercise?

Most of us breathe in the upper chest, inhaling and exhaling rapidly to compensate for the lack of expansion of our lungs. This leads to hyperventilation and a permanent state of tension which is the cause of a host of symptoms often mistakenly diagnosed as illness. Or we hold our breath unconsciously and spend our lives in a state of apnoea. We are not getting the vital nourishment that comes with the ebb and flow of free breath, we lose touch with our bodies and we stop feeling. 

With appropriate breathing exercises, we can learn to soothe our nervous system and deal with stress effectively.

I also believe that no personal development journey can be engaged in without breathwork. Breathwork is the ultimate tool to assess how integrated your inner child is, whether you have processed strong emotions and traumatic events from the past, whether your unconscious is still ruling your decisions and what work needs to be done to transmute inherited or conditioned patterns.

I am certified in a form of breathwork (accredited by the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance) that is therapeutic in essence and which used to be called rebirthing in the 1970s. It is yin, subtle and embodied, and differs from the currently fashionable yang style of breathwork which makes for an enjoyable experience but doesn't change your life in depth. 

I do one-on-one sessions for women and teenagers.


Breathwork is not for you if you suffer from epilepsy, severe asthma or if you have had recent surgery.

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