Women's Health

I love working with women; homeopathy is a beautiful way of enhancing our well-being because it is not invasive and it respects our cyclical nature.

Pregnancy and childbirth

Homeopathic medicines are ideal to use in pregnancy as they are gentle and without side-effects.


The menopause and beyond

The menopause is the cessation of periods. It is a natural stage in a woman’s life and usually happens between her mid-forties and early fifties. It goes unnoticed for some, while for others it is accompanied by years of misery and a cohort of symptoms such as hot flushes, weight gain, disrupted sleep patterns and emotional upheavals, which are all avoidable.


For some reason, in the twenty-first century, the menopause is still shrouded in mystery and a big taboo subject.


A man recently told me that it is not a nice word. Why not? I think everybody should talk openly and freely about periods and the menopause, and celebrate femininity.


Lynne Russel, a fellow homeopath and teacher, wrote in the ARH magazine:

'We are an exquisitely interactive alchemical hormonal soup, ever changing. Our equilibrium is far more subtle and delicate than we can ever dream of replicating with the blunt instruments of synthesised chemicals'.

We have strayed too far away from nature and from our wisdom. We as women need to re-learn to look after ourselves from an early age, not only with proper diet and movement, but also with love and respect for our bodies which come in all shapes and sizes and are all beautiful. Let us also honour our bodies' desires, our 'yesses' and our 'Nos'.

How about rediscovering what the ancient wisdom traditions have to say? 

At menarche a young woman enters her power,

Thoughout her menstruating years she practices her power,

And at the menopause she becomes her power

Native American saying (1)

In some societies and ancient traditions the menopause is called 'the Second Spring'. They are my source of inspiration for helping my patients transcend their view of themselves and explore new ways of thinking and being. 

When a woman stops ovulating, she keeps the creative life force energy of her ovaries for herself. All the energy, creativity and vitality her body had been using to make eggs every month and potentially give life to another being can, after the menopause, be used to give birth to herself, both metaphorically and in a very real way, physically and energetically. Sexual energy is our life force energy, and an endless source of well-being when one knows how to channel it. 

As well as helping women with homeopathic remedies, I also offer coaching sessions using taoist and tantric practices which make use of this energy and which are simple and empowering tools.


I recommend the following books:

Dr Christiane Northrup (1998)  Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom. Piatkus

Emily Nagoski, PhD, (2015) Come As You Are. Scribe


(1) Alexandra Pope (2001) The Wild Genie. Sally Milner Publishing


Increasing numbers of couples have difficulty conceiving babies. Among the various causes of infertility are 3 major factors: age, the contraceptive pill and Candida, which are often combined and mostly result from our modern lifestyles.

The quality of a woman’s eggs diminishes as she ages. Less known is the fact that it takes some women up to 18 months to start ovulating again after stopping the Pill. Moreover, an imbalanced diet loaded with sugar produces acidic conditions in the body which are conducive to the development of Candida which in turn suppresses healthy vaginal mucus.

Other factors include PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids and stress of any kind in both partners.

Homeopathy can be a natural and elegant alternative to IVF because it is a holistic medicine which treats the whole person and helps with physical as well as mental and emotional healing.

I highly recommend Dr Christiane Northrup’s book:

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom – Piatkus 1998

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