I am a certified VITA Intimacy Coach with an international experience in helping women embrace the stages of their lives.

Why coaching?

  • to transform

  • to work on your goals

  • to work in a safe and conscious container

  • to work through resistance to change

This work is for you if you desire:

  • to compliment trauma work or to integrate sexual abuse

  • to process you emotions

  • to learn self-love and body-love

  • to re-sensitize your body

  • to feel nourished, enlivened and empowered by your sexual energy

  • to learn to access higher states of consciousness

  • to discover sacred practices

No woman is broken. We were all born to experience love, belonging, joy and pleasure.

Inner child integration is a key part of this work because what is termed 'inner child' is our emotional body. We often function in our relationships from these wounded child pieces which still rule our adult life.

I have done this work myself. I have gone deep down the rabbit hole of my own psyche. I know that in the dark lie the seeds of rebirth. Transformation happens at our edge, and the important thing is not to be afraid of uncomfortable emotions that society has taught us to repress, such as shame, anger, guilt, judgement, fear, but to sit with them, to even embrace them. They are pieces of consciousness.

Huge amounts of energy are used to drag around these repressed pieces. The more we reclaim and integrate them, the more energy is available for us to become real, alive, fluid and magnetic.

We all go through cycles of life / death / rebirth. Women are familiar with death in the form of menstruation, which is a time for letting go, for dying to our old selves and for preparing to be reborn in an endless flow which is graceful when we learn to accept and honour it. 


After the menopause, these cycles, which follow the phases of the moon, still happen internally in a more energetic way. This energy is a vibrant source of empowerment when we know how to cultivate it.

Stressful experiences such as a divorce can become a source of personal growth when you are shown how to alchemize your emotions and transform them into raw fuel for yourself. My approach is different from counselling or psycho-therapy: I do not need the story, I work with the felt sensations that are associated with emotions.

Having used these tools and practices extensively in my own life, I am able to hold the space in which you feel safe to go deep inside, create intimacy with yourself, detach from the story, learn to relate to all parts of you in an empowering way which makes you feel whole, and access different levels of reality within yourself.


I do not give advice. You do not need it because you are your own source of everything, you already have all the answers. I just meet you where you are, and you go where you need to go on your life journey.

Through getting to your own self-knowing in this way, your desires will shift towards your truth on your path to personal empowerment and self-realisation. 

Transformation usually happens in gradual, subtle shifts. It is a beautiful process to witness. The testimonials below give an idea of what women experience during our sessions. 

I taylor these sessions to your own individual needs. We can just work with your emotions or with transitioning through a period of your life (such as divorce or menopause) if this is what you need, or if you feel adventurous I can take you all the way to womb consciousness and, through more advanced practices, to the discovery of and the connection with the sacred, life-giving, creative energy in your sacral centre.

I use a holistic approach which combines an understanding of the different parts of the brain based on neuro-sciences, tools such as breathwork, sound and movement, as well as tantric and taoist practices.

This work compliments homeopathy beautifully and I often combine both for my clients.

I offer one-to-one coaching sessions either online or at my home practice in Sevenoaks, as well as half-day VIP packages which end with a gong bath in which you relax in the vibrations of my beautiful planetary gongs.

I also organise workshops for small groups of women.

For more information or for a chat to see if we are well-suited to work together:

Although I am a trauma-informed coach, I am not a trauma expert, and I might refer you to someone with qualifications in this field if this is what you need.


'I have never met anyone like you!  Every time I come for a session with you I wonder what part of me I am going to uncover and connect with. I have never let myself be that relaxed with anyone before. You are a kind of shamanic woman with magical powers!'

D. - Kent

I felt completely held and extremely safe, and today I went to places I couldn't have predicted. I trust you and this allows me to open up to you.

P. - Amsterdam

'10 sessions over weekly appointments and I can't recommend it enough! I learnt so much about myself and how to deal with my reactions, anxiety, stress, emotions, and how to grow as an adult. My husband noticed a difference in me and I visually can see a difference as well. I feel like me again.'

L. - Kent

'Yesterday's session was powerful! Things have definitely shifted and as a result I am feeling much more in my power, lighter and free. I feel possibility, which is exciting! There is something magical about you.'

K. - Kent

"I feel our work together helped me develop a much better connection and loving relationship with myself, which I feel is the most important one. I still remember our first session together, at a time when I still felt guilty about self-care, I was very much afraid to live a life I wanted, and I can't believe how far I have come. There is still much work to be done of course, but I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the amazing work you put in and how much you helped me get to where I am now.'

M. - New York 

'During our session yesterday I felt such trust in you, incredibly safe, very connected and held. You showed genuine interest and care for me and the process I was going through. I also loved your voice during the meditation and felt this was a perfect session.'

K. - London

'I want to pay you a great compliment. I know I am bigger than life and that I have a big personality, being a public figure in my country, and you handled me so well, respecting where I was going naturally. You are knowledgeable, easy-going, consistent. I loved our session together!'

A. - Austria

'I loved the structure of this first session and the way you paced it, with a good mix of talking and giving me space'

T. - Madrid 

'I am feeling very lit up after our session today. You have a beautiful way of leading and guiding and reflecting back. I felt very held and you met me where I needed it.'

S. - Brisbane

'Your confidence and masterful approach to coaching made me feel very safe. I felt respected and heard all along'.

K. - Los Angeles