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I am a certified Intimacy Coach with an international experience in helping women embrace their femininity. 

Female sexuality is very different from that of men, and yet, the majority of people only practice a distorted male version of sex, a linear experience based on performance and the pursuit of a goal.

If you have ever cried from disappointment  and a feeling of emptiness or even irritation after sex, if your body shutting down was the cause of your divorce, or if you tend to reproduce the same kind of soulless experiences with the men you meet, it's because your femininity is not treated well.

Many women in long-term relationships consider sex with their partner as a chore, and most of them fake enjoyment on a regular basis. 

Sexuality is like diet. Do you get junk, quick-fixes that just keep you going ? You can choose instead to have organic, juicy, energy experiences that nourish you, create a deeper, even sacred, connection with your partner and  have ripple effects in all aspects of your life.

I have created a five-months programme that is transformational for women looking to revitalize and metamorphose their relationship with their partner.

Why coaching?

  • to transform

  • to achieve your goals

  • to work in a safe and conscious container

  • to work through resistance to change

  • to shift what you believe is possible

In our work together , and depending on your unique needs, you will learn to:

  • Integrate emotions, whether personal or inherited 

  • Heal your inner little girl

  • feel worthy and deserving

  • honour your no

  • communicate your needs and desires

  • learn self-love and body-love

  • re-sensitize your body

  • experience the full range of your femininity

  • relax and surrender

  • feel enlivened and empowered by your sexual energy

  • feel nourished by your intimate relationships

  • discover sacred practices

Self-love is the foundation for relationships, and it is not enough to do yoga, learn meditation, go on a retreat, to a gong bath from time to time or practice positive affirmations which only engage the mind. 

You want to learn self-love on an organic, embodied level. You want to rewire your nervous system to make self-love your conscious reality.

This is the groundwork we do at the beginning of the programme. Once emotions and conditionings from the past are revealed and acknowledged, with a degree of integration and alchemization, space is created inside of you for the new.

I work with tools based on the latest developments in neuro-sciences, embodied practices such as breathwork and ancient practices from the world traditions.

After the core transformational sessions, we work on revelation, expansion, pleasure and energy

You practice talking with me about your desires in an authentic, light and fun way, and become empowered to engage in intimate conversations with your partner. This is possibly my favourite teaching, because the art of intimate communication is essential and what everybody craves, but few people have cultivated this skill.

Transformation usually happens in gradual, subtle shifts. It is a beautiful process to witness. The testimonials below give an idea of what women experience during our sessions. 

Although I am a trauma-informed coach, I am not a trauma expert, and I might refer you to someone with qualifications in this field if this is what you need.

Contact me for a free discovery session.


I just wanted to say Nathalie how grateful I am to be working with you. I feel so comfortable in your sessions and I haven't ever felt this before, and I've worked  with incredible people with the right intentions and heart but their work wasn't as transformative as yours. You have truly changed my world.

T. - London

'I have never met anyone like you!  Every time I come for a session with you I wonder what part of me I am going to uncover and connect with. I have never let myself be that relaxed with anyone before. You are a kind of shamanic woman with magical powers!'

D. - Kent

I felt completely held and extremely safe, and today I went to places I couldn't have predicted. I trust you and this allows me to open up to you.

P. - Amsterdam

'10 sessions over weekly appointments and I can't recommend it enough! I learnt so much about myself and how to deal with my reactions, anxiety, stress, emotions, and how to grow as an adult. My husband noticed a difference in me and I visually can see a difference as well. I feel like me again.'

L. - Kent

'Yesterday's session was powerful! Things have definitely shifted and as a result I am feeling much more in my power, lighter and free. I feel possibility, which is exciting! There is something magical about you.'

K. - Kent

"I feel our work together helped me develop a much better connection and loving relationship with myself, which I feel is the most important one. I still remember our first session together, at a time when I still felt guilty about self-care, I was very much afraid to live a life I wanted, and I can't believe how far I have come. There is still much work to be done of course, but I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the amazing work you put in and how much you helped me get to where I am now.'

M. - New York 

'During our session yesterday I felt such trust in you, incredibly safe, very connected and held. You showed genuine interest and care for me and the process I was going through. I also loved your voice during the meditation and felt this was a perfect session.'

K. - London

'I want to pay you a great compliment. I know I am bigger than life and that I have a big personality, being a public figure in my country, and you handled me so well, respecting where I was going naturally. You are knowledgeable, easy-going, consistent. I loved our session together!'

A. - Austria

'I loved the structure of this first session and the way you paced it, with a good mix of talking and giving me space'

T. - Madrid 

'I am feeling very lit up after our session today. You have a beautiful way of leading and guiding and reflecting back. I felt very held and you met me where I needed it.'

S. - Brisbane

'Your confidence and masterful approach to coaching made me feel very safe. I felt respected and heard all along'.

K. - Los Angeles

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