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Homeopathic remedies are gentle, safe, with no side-effects, and are particularly recommended for pregnant women, babies and children.


They can be taken alongside and to complement conventional (allopathic) medication.

I still see children who have been prescribed antibiotics several months in a row, when it is known that microbial resistance is increasing and that antibiotics indiscriminately kill good and bad bacteria in the gut.

If a condition seems to be recurring despite taking allopathic medication, it means the cause is not addressed and you must see a homeopath.

Autism spectrum disorders in children are exploding and  the only solution orthodox medicine can offer is stimulant drugs, which are only palliative. An individualised approach with homeopathy, which includes organ support, detoxification and constitutional treatment of the whole patient often brings breakthrough results.

Homeopathic prescriptions are individualized because people express symptoms in different ways. For example, a sore throat can look like:

- right-sided burning

- tonsils bright red

- worse cold air

- tongue has a 'strawberry' appearance

- flushed face, cold hands and feet

or it can be: 

- left-sided pain (or starts on left and spreads to right)

- tonsils deep red. even purple

- worse at night

- worse warm drinks

- sensation of a lump in the throat


- pus on tonsils

- splinters-like pain in the throat

- better for warmth and warm drinks

- pain radiates to the ears upon swallowing

- patient wants to keep bundled

There can be increased salivation, enlarged glands, various colours of the coating of the tongue, offensive breath, etc...

Each of these sets of symptoms calls for a different remedy. Homeopaths do not use one-size fits all medicines.

Good to know:


Children should spend time in nature every day, and play with soil and mud as much as possible.


For their emotional well-being, they should be read fairy tales from a young age, the real ones that have been compiled since times immemorial, folk tales, myths and legends.

When my children were little, I always took a bottle of Arnica 200c with me wherever I went, as it is wonderful for bumps and bruises and is essential in any first-aid kit.

Apis 200c worked in minutes the day my son was bitten by a wasp, decreasing the swelling and the pain almost instantaneously

I always gave my daughter Pulsatilla 200c whenever her left ear started to ache.

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