About Me

Nathalie Robeyns Morand

(BSc (Hons) LCHE MARH 

Registered Homeopath


I first became interested in homeopathy after the birth of my children, for whom I felt the need to become educated about health matters, and a discerning customer. 

I studied for 4 years at the Centre for Homeopathic Education in London and graduated in 2008.

I am registered with the Alliance for Registered Homeopaths, one of the main professional bodies of homeopaths in the UK. I have agreed to be bound by their code of ethics and am fully insured to practise as a homeopath.

I also engage in CPD on a regular basis so as to constantly update, refine and expand my knowledge of homeopathy and of the various treatment approaches and to tailor my prescriptions to my patients’ needs. 

My life was transformed at an epic retreat in Mexico in 2018, which was part of my coaching certification training. To this day, I carry the beauty of this experience within me and it gives my space holding a magical and unique flavour.

My first career was in finance, and I worked in investment banks in Paris and Singapore. This was a worthwhile experience, and I am grateful for my life journey which has given me the privilege of finding an occupation in alignment with my deepest truth.

Two fun facts about me:

I was born on a full moon night

I have not watched TV since 2014!