About Me

Nathalie Robeyns Morand

(BSc (Hons) LCHE MARH 

Registered Homeopath


I first became interested in homeopathy after the birth of my children, for whom I felt the need to become educated about health matters, and a discerning customer. 

I studied for 4 years at the Centre for Homeopathic Education in London and graduated in 2008.

I am registered with the Alliance for Registered Homeopaths, one of the main professional bodies of homeopaths in the UK. I have agreed to be bound by their code of ethics and am fully insured to practise as a homeopath.

After going through a divorce and the menopause, I took time to work on myself and to recover my sense of me-ness.

I went on to train as a women's coach in 2018, to add depth to the service I offer. My life was forever changed at an epic retreat in Mexico, which was part of this coaching certification training. To this day, I carry the beauty of this experience within me and it gives my space holding a magical and unique flavour.

I am not on social media and I do not do fluff. I prefer warm networking. My clients often say 'You come highly recommended!'.

My first career was in finance, and I worked in investment banks in Paris and Singapore. This was a worthwhile experience, and I am grateful for my life journey which has helped me find an occupation aligned with my truth as I grow in age.

Two fun facts about me:

I was born on a full moon night

I have not watched TV since 2014!